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Board Minutes 01/08/19

It was noted that Denise sent the business meeting minutes for the board to review instead of the board minutes. She then read the correct minutes which were approved.

The Bottle Auction netted $1790.00. Becky noted that one club member hadn’t paid dues. She will invoice the member and Jeremy will contact that member.

Ariel from Gold Beach Main Street will make an announcement at the club meeting to let people know when the next GBMS meeting is. They will be looking to form committees. The board discussed possible dates for trail clean up and the triangle: February 16 for the triangle and March 29 for the triangle.

Mary, Carly and Karlie are the scholarship committee. They will set a date for the students to meet for a basic intro to writing scholarship applications. They are introducing a common application for students at GBHS to make the process easier. It was suggested that a topic in the new application be how the student has benefitted from community involvement.

Becky is trying to get speakers for club meetings.  New members will be asked to give their classification talks and it was suggested that older members also do so.

April is National Volunteer Month. Jeremy will ask the club to nominate community members and organizations/businesses who donate time and /or space to help our community.

Business Meeting 12/19/18

Becky reported the Holiday Bottle Auction made $1700.

The new board slate (2019-2020) was approved and voted for by the membership. The incoming board is: Sandra Otter, Pres., Marna Williams, Pres 2020-2021, Jeremy Skinner, past pres., Becky Atherton, treasurer, Denise King, secretary, Hazel Rush, Bryan Grummon, Carly Kruse, David Johnston, Mary Stansell.

High on Health dinner and auction will be held on May 4th with a Cinco de Mayo theme.  Entertainment is a flamenco dancer and guitarist.

The Rotary 4 Way Test speech contest will be held for high school students. The winner will go on to a regional contest.

Carly Kruse, Mary Stansell and Karlie Wright are in charge of the Rotary Scholarships. A meeting will be set up for students who are looking for scholarships. The purpose of the meeting is to help students understand the application process and what the committee looks for in the application.

Denise King, RYLA liaison, let the board know that she tried to get early camp information so students’ families can make summer plans that don’t conflict.

Jim Kolen mentioned a proposal by Oregon Rural Electric Coop Assoc to build an electricity facility in Guatemala. Carl King suggested we apply for both district and RI grants.

Board Minutes 12/04/18

Present were Jeremy Skinner, Marna Williams, Becky Atherton, Carly Kruse, Tara Simonson and Denise King.

Becky listed checks that have gone out: dues to RI and district, $500 to Riley Creek school, reimbursements to Party in the Park and Bike the Rogue, and 5 of the awarded scholarships.
Tiffany Somers requested $1000 toward new mats for the wrestling team. The board voted to take it to the membership. We also voted to give $500 to the Fairgrounds for their holiday dinners and $500 to the Senior Center for Meals on Wheels.

Sandra Otter is the liaison to High on Health.

Will ask for nominations for next year’s board at the next club meeting.

It is noted that we need new microphones and a projector for power point presentations.

There will be no meeting on December 26.

Board Minutes 09/18/18

Present were Marna Williams, Jeremy Skinner, Dave Johnston, Tara Simonson, Carly Kruse and Denise King.

Minutes were read and approved.

The general discussion was about member involvement in club and community activities. An example is Main Streets needs volunteers to help with planting, weeding and irrigation projects. Members have committed to help but not followed through. Dave suggested that those members be fined. Marna suggested that we liaise with other non-profits.

John Rush has agreed to take over the trails projects.

Board Minutes 08/15/18

Treasurer’s Report
$64,351.48 in the account, including scholarships. HOH has $26,000 (and change) and the general fund, 23,595. 4 or 5 members still have not paid dues. Becky reminded the board that we discussed putting some money into CD’s but never finalized the decision.
New Business
Sandra Otter, Tim Johnson and Lorraine Rossiter need their badges.
Bryan announced he has the certificate of insurance for Bike the Rogue There are 40 preregistered riders. Arch Rock Brewery and ______ Pizza from Agness will provide food for riders.
Marna reported there will be 7-8 tables and a number of speakers at the Emergency Prep Exhibit on October 6 at the library.         Bryan is in charge of getting the announcement to the Reporter and will have a PSA on the radio.
Hazel and John Rush have offered to host a Social in September.
The holiday party will be either 12/1 or 12/8.
CCV may need long term funding, which is too hard for the club to commit. Dave Johnston brought up the uncertain future of CCV due to Huttl’s unwillingness to allow the channel to put on any programming other than educational or governmental. CCV will have a table at the emergency prep exhibit.
Next board meeting is 9/11/18 at the library.

Board Minutes 03/01/18

Board Minutes 3/1/18
Present were Becky, Marna, Bryan, Denise and Jeremy (by phone).
Minutes and treasurer’s report were read and approved. Becky gave the treasurer’s report, stating there is $50,838.04 in the checking account and $24,438.14 in the general fund.
The Board voted to approve Ben Phillips as a member.
Also approved was giving three 4H camperships at $150 per camper.
Funding a courier van for the libraries was discussed. It would involve the three clubs (Port Orford, Brookings and Gold Beach) giving $2000 each for a matching grant from the district. Jeremy wants Jo Lieber (PO club) to speak to the GB club about the program. The Board agreed and will bring it to the membership for comment.
The Board approved a $500 match to the GBR Foundation for Mackenzie Lee and Riley Creek’s computer/science program.
The club (Marna) will provide pancakes, sausages and hot drinks for the Mud Run.
RI’s tree planting program was discussed. Possible planting sites are the south edge of the library property or the trail used for the Mud Run. Will bring to the membership for suggestions. It was suggested that the next social (the 5th Wednesday in May) would be a good day to plant a tree and have the social at the library.
High on Health needs donations for a live auction package.
In new business, Marna would like to put on another Emergency Prep program.
Mary noted that Riley Creek needs a water fountain in the gym.
We will hold a Cinco de Mayo party on May 4th to avoid competing with local restaurants.
Wally’s house needs landscaping done to provide privacy for children and families. The board agreed that will be a good service project for the club.

Board Minutes 02/07/18


The board met Wednesday the 7th . Minutes and treasurer’s reports were read and approved. Also approved were accepting Hazel Rush as a member and Moe’s proposal of Ben Phillips as a new member.
We discussed having the Riley Creek students decorate the Buddy Bench and Mary will speak to Tom Denning about it.
The heron design was voted on for the trail signs. They will be 2×3, aluminum on wood and cost $40 each.
Club has $9000 for scholarships and the board voted to go with a maximum of $2000 and a minimum of $500.
$1000 was voted for the Snack Pack program.
Two items were tabled: funds for a Riley Creek science project and planting trees (with the Watershed Alliance). Tree planting is RI Pres. Ian Risely’s challenge to Rotarians around the world.

Board Minutes 12/20/17

Read and approved Treasure’s report and minutes.

Becky announced that the t-shirts are under $15 each.

Will look into cost of Buddy Bench signs and speak to Laurie Van Zandt about more benches.

Voted to give Meals on Wheels $500.

Mary has been asked to speak about the Youth Exchange Program at the Jan.3rd meeting.

$1500 from the Community Bazaar will be donated to the GBRF, earmarked for scholarships.


Board Minutes 11/08/17

The treasurer’s report and minutes were read and approved.

Holiday party and bottle auction were discussed. Denise is to send out an RSVP email asking members to let us know what they are bringing for food.

High on Health is April 21. Rotarians on the committee would like to see music by local musicians,  interactive games and no formal entertainment.

Discussed ways to promote more participation, possibly meeting only twice a month. Decided that won’t work, keep meetings weekly. Board meetings will be held the 3rd Wednesday of each month (when possible) at 12:30. Members are encouraged to stay and agendas will be on the tables.

Becky is taking orders for Rotary t-shirts; colors are blue or yellow.

Will look into signs for Buddy Benches.

Ask Tim Wilson to book Alyssa as our RYLA speaker.

Turkey Trot is the Saturday after Thanksgiving and the Mud Run (in conjunction with the Chamber is March 31st. Rotary will serve pancakes.


Board Minutes 10/04/17

Present were Marna, Mary, Becky, Bryan, Jeremy and Denise
July minutes read by Mary Stansell.
Treasurer’s report: Becky listed the checks written since June 1; balance is $52,861.93.
Old Business:
Will ask Jesse and Walt to look into trail plaques. Bryan is looking into the cost of having them made.
Volunteer t-shirts if made locally will cost between $6 and $10. Dave Bassett said there is no prohibition on using RI logos on locally made shirts as long they are for volunteers.
Once again clarified that the club pays for the speaker and one guest.
Cash register was donated to the hospital auxiliary. All approved.
There is no action being taken as far as club speaking on the radio station.
Much discussion again about speaker and politics. Our constitution speaks to that directly as voted by the membership.
New business:
The new DG is unable to meet each of our clubs so Marna, Jeremy and Bryan will meet her for breakfast in Port Orford when she visits. Marna will bring her a cowbell!
The Community Bazaar will be held Nov. 17-18th from 3-7 and 9-3. The club will donate a Go-Pack to the raffle.
Saturday, Dec.9 is the holiday party/bottle auction. It will be held at Marna’s house and is pot luck.
Unanimous vote to pay $230 for the dumpster used at the fairgrounds during the fire.
Unanimously approved spending $90 to feed volunteers at the Emergency Preparedness event. Bryan and Denise will look for RI brochures we may have saved.
Meeting adjourned.