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Board minutes 10/13/20

Meeting was called to order and minutes approved.

Old Business: Karlie Wright and Jerry Herbage were elected to the board.

New Business: Tim presented his proposed budget for review. Most changes were due to Covid 19 restrictions. There is $52,000 in the budget- $25,000 in a CD and $27,000 in the checking account.

Income from Rotary Steps was changed from $1500 to $500.

Expenses from raffle, guest lunches and tax prep: $0; HoH scholarships to $1000.

The budget will be presented to the club on October 21.

Tim would like to see the club do more Rotary branding with $500 from the District Governor’s Express Grant. Examples are polo/t-shirts or new member packets.

Tim has put together a club event calendar and welcomes suggestions. One was helping with the community garden.

Other new business is an offer to give a grant to the Homeless Coalition which is hoping to buy a house. Bryan and Jerry want to see an in-depth plan for how they deal with zoning issues, mortgage payments, etc. Carl King made it clear that approval is conditional on the Coalition having everything in order and no money would change hands until a purchase and sale agreement is in.

The next board meeting is November 10.

Board Minutes 08/11/20

Present were Becky, Hazel, Tim, Mary, Sandra, Bryan, Jeremy and Denise

Old Business: All grants (wifi hotspots and the Kids’ Castle) were approved by the District.

New Business: Main Street has applied for a $3000 grant to upgrade the Bullfrog Skate Park. Board agreed that the amount is not feasible as there are more pressing needs in the community. The application will be brought to the club in case someone wants to donate directly.

As of today there were 7 responses to modified and brought to the club for Tim’s list of citations. Three people intimated they would consider being board members.

Statement regarding diversity and direction will be modified and brought to the club for approval.

“Rotary Steps Together” as a fundraiser will be in September. It can be done individually or as a club event.Aug.

The board will bring to the membership the question of electronic voting. (At the August 26 club meeting, the club voted unanimously to approve.)

Membership: Karlie Wright, Jordan White, Jerry Herbage and Leonard Phillips have agreed tentatively to be on the board.

The next board meeting is Tuesday, September 8 at noon.

Board Minutes 07/14/20

Old Business

High on Health has been cancelled. People who have already donated will be asked whether they want their donations returned or used for health related grants. Tim and the CHF will determine how to split the proceeds.

Bike the Rogue is still on. In lieu of registration fees people will be asked for a donation. Bryan will get the necessary permits.

Approved a donation of $250 to Shelter Box to be matched by the GB Rotary Foundation.

Since the club has not approved a budget, due to lack of a quorum, it was decided to bring to the club a move to amend the bylaws to allow voting electronically.

Voted unanimously not to sponsor the local Boy Scouts.

New Business

Approved the application for sponsorship of the Rogue River Triathlon for $400. It will be used for t-shirts with logos for volunteers.

Approved the District 5110 Grant Proposal of $2000 to refurbish the Kids’ Castle playground.

Tabled the $500 District 5110 Express Grant Proposal.

 A proposal was made to have the club issue a statement urging the community to work together to acknowledge diversity and equitable inclusion in our community. The board feels it is unnecessary and potentially disruptive since the 4 Way Test makes that statement, unless RI makes it official.

The next board meeting is August 11.

Board Minutes 06/09/20

Present via Zoom were Jeremy, Mary, Sandra, Tim, Denise and Becky(?)

We were informed that Dugie Freeman passed away in the morning.

Karlie Wright let us know that an abandoned homeless camp had been found in the park. The city will provide trash bags, etc., but needs manpower. It was decided that Saturday from 9-11 a.m. was a good time.

Becky had not had responses from roughly half the membership regarding dues. Both checks to Wally’s House ($1000) and the food bank ($1200) cleared.

Mary informed us that High on Health is cancelled. There was some discussion about coming up with other auction ideas. The jet boat race is scheduled for May of 2021 and Bryan says there will be no Party in the Park this summer but possibly in September. Bike the Rogue website is up but there are no ads going out. The committee will meet Friday the 12th and discuss keeping it local with no registration fees just donations.

Carl and Tim will meet to discuss grant applications for health care wifi access for people who have no internet. This would allow them to speak with health care professionals.

Tim and Sandra spoke with a representative from the Boy Scouts. They are looking for the club to be a sponsor and have some supervisory role. Cost would be roughly $79 for insurance and training. The general consensus is we need more information, which Tim will get.

July 1st is the first meeting to be held outdoors. The club will welcome Tim as incoming president, recognize Sandra for her year as president and honor Dugie’s memory.

Board Minutes 05/12/20

Present through Zoom were Denise, Bryan, Sandra, Becky, Tim, Hazel, Mary and Jeremy.
Club meetings, until further notice, will be held bi-weekly on Zoom. The speaker for May 13 is Jordan White. Peggy Carlaw from Shelter Box is scheduled for the next meeting.
According to Bryan, Bike the Rogue is being held open.
There has been no follow up from Jackie Antunes at Wally’s House. Carl has spoken to David Barnes about Kids Don’t Float several times but has heard nothing.
Tim announced the GBHS scholarships: 2 students received $1000 each, one received $1500, one got $2000 and a fifth received $3000.
Jeremy has agreed to speak in July.
Because of a donation from Dugie Freeman the club reached 100% participation with RI.

Board Minutes 04/01/20

Present (by Zoom conferencing): Sandra, Jeremy, Bryan, Mary, Becky, Tim and Denise

Membership: Club member Carl King suggested that a time frame be used for sending dues notices out. The board voted to email invoices by April 15, with a notice of the new time limits for payment. Dues will be due May 1 with a month long grace period. If by May 31 dues are not paid, the member will be given 2 weeks then terminated.

In response to Marna’s suggestion that children be asked to write essays, with garden equipment as a prize, Tim said it is too much to ask teachers (and small children) as they are having a hard time as it is.

High on Health has been postponed until Sept. 5 to coincide with the Kentucky Derby. The jet boat races are put off until 2021. The Party in the Park committee has a conference set up for the end of April but Bryan is doubtful the event will take place. Jeremy is leaving Bike the Rogue on the calendar but Bryan will hold any entry fee checks until we know what will happen. Becky suggested the event stay local.


  • Wally’s House has not returned paperwork (agreement) for the grant we approved.
  • David Barnes has not responded to Becky’s offers to set up a tax ID for Kids Don’t Float. Carl King will reach out to him.

Regarding the impact of the coronavirus, Tim said the school children are okay, with over 150 getting meals. He expects the number to climb. The Snack Pack program is coordinating with the school. Scholarship application deadlines have been extended to May 7 but that is flexible. Graduation protocols are being discussed by the districts and there may be input from the state. Curry County Voices offered to film if needed.

Board Minutes 02/11/20

There are several membership applications pending as noted in the January minutes including Ryce Hopkins from Happy Hills Kennel.
Upcoming club speakers/topics are Jane Doroff, Registered Dietician, ODOT and Dave Lacey.

Tim Harding has asked the club to serve dinner during the Jet Boats Championship Races.
Jeremy informed us that Bike the Rogue entrance fees were increased by $10. There are four levels of sponsorship: $100, $250, $500 and $1000.
HoH has a liquor license, gambling license is pending.
Tim Wilson and Sandra Otter are meeting with the owner of the Landing North to discuss the possibility of moving the club meetings due to some difficulties with the Community Center.
Party in the Park is set for July 11, 2020.

Grant Applications
The club voted to give a $500 grant to Kids Don’t Float. We do not know if they have a 501(c)3 designation.
Wally’s House has  applied for a grant but didn’t specify an amount. Mary made a motion to give $1000 pending club approval. The motion was unanimously approved.

Random Discussion
Hazel suggested having a social at the Gold Beach Brewery.
Denise brought up DG Rick Olsen’s suggestion that we poll the members about what makes them passionate and whether we devote club meetings to those discussions.

Board Minutes 01/14/20

Reported that there were no objections to membership of Morgan Grove or Jon Hawkins so Becky will order their badges. John Rush will sponsor someone from Otis Elevators. Also being considered is Walter __________ from Kids Don’t Float.
Upcoming speakers are Beth Barker Hidalgo who will speak about homelessness in the county and will be presented with a check. Carl King will do a year in review presentation on CCV. Will ask Carl Gerlach to present an update on the ER in Brookings and Tim Harding to speak about the Jet Boasts World Championships.
Meetings for 2020 club events {Bike the Rogue, Jet Boats(2021?), HoH and Party in the Park} are being scheduled.
The next board meetings are scheduled for 2/11, 3/10, 4/14 and 5/12.

Board Minutes 12/10/19

Present were Bryan, Becky, Hazel, Mary, Sandra, Tim and Denise

Due to the annual visit by DG Rick Olsen, the board agenda was short.

Two new membership applications were considered: Morgan Grove and Jon Hawkins, both submitted by Hazel Rush.

The second item for discussion was a grant application from the Coalition for the Homeless for a washer/dryer. The board voted unanimously to give $2500 and bring it to the club for a vote.

The rest of the meeting was devoted to a discussion with Rick Olsen about what passions drive us and how we can apply that to Rotary.

Board Minutes 10/08/19

Treasurer’s report was given on members who have not paid.

Speakers for the rest of the year were listed. Jeremy suggested we ask Julie Wilson to speak on her art and Tim Scullen to update us on the progress of the plank building.

Bryan would like to step down as chair of Bike the Rogue. He will continue to get the permits as he knows the people and procedures. Meetings should start in November as it takes about 6 months to get the permitting in order.

Sandra brought up High on Health: she would like to see separate baskets for restaurant gift certificates, i.e., one for breakfast, one for dinner. She would like to see “experiences” offered for the live auction.

Laurie Van Zant has asked for Rotary help in planting a tree on the triangle.

A potluck social will be held at the Otter/Gerlach residence on October 26.

Amber Hughes will continue to administer the website.

The board voted unanimously to give $2500.00 to Gold Beach High School for wrestling mats.

A road cleanup is scheduled for the 20th.