District Assembly

District Assembly is the annual meeting of the club members within the district.

Okay… But what is it?  Who should attend?

This is an annual training event for Rotarians which prepares them for their responsibilities and assignments during the upcoming Rotary year. Attendance is not required but is strongly recommended for all club leaders including board members and committee chairs and club members as well.

The assembly is open to all Rotarians and is FREE (there is a FREE lunch – it just costs you the time to participate in the day of training). History shows that clubs which have a “significant” percentage of their member participate in the annual Assembly, tend to be highly effective Rotary clubs with regular growth, above average attendance, and outstanding participation in all club activities.

When is it?

District Assembly is held in the latter part of May each year.  For more details about upcoming District Assemblies, check out the rotarydistrict5110.com website.

Gold Beach Rotary