Rotary First Harvest

Gold Beach Rotary Club - First HarvestSince it’s establishment in 1982, Rotary First Harvest (RFH) has collected and distributed more than 135 million pounds of produce.

RFH acts as a conduit between farmers and the programs that serve hungry individuals and families. Farmers are occasionally left with surplus fruits and vegetables that can’t be sold due to minor imperfections (such as carrots with two legs or apples that are the wrong size or color), or might not be harvested because of a glut on the market.

Traditionally, this nutritious produce would be sent to a landfill or left to rot in the fields. Instead, RFH directs it to those in need.

Rotary First Harvest’s mission is:

  • To feed the hungry with surplus nutritious food
  • Access and improve food distribution and transportation systems
  • Develop innovative hunger relief solutions
  • Replicate concept of RFH

The Rotary Club of Gold Beach participates in Rotary First Harvest is several ways, one of which is to participate in the purchase of raffle tickets offered periodically. For more information, contact your local Rotary Board member or the Rotary First Harvest website.