Just A Drop / Ripple Effect

Just A Drop / Ripple Effect Gold Beach Rotary ClubProviding clean water to needy communities worldwide has been a key emphasis of Rotary International Presidents for many years.  The Rotary Club of Gold Beach has identified this as a club goal since 2006 – thanks to the enthusiasm of local community members Toni & Terri-Lynn Kalhagen. You are invited to partner with the Rotary Club of Gold Beach to fund an International Service Clean Water Project in Upper East Ghana.

Just A Drop / Ripple Effect Gold Beach Rotary ClubIn 2006, Gold Beach residents Tony and Terri-Lynn Kalhagen traveled the unimproved roads, rivers, and trails of west Africa to reach the village of Gungabisi in Bolgatanga, the Upper East Region of Ghana. Their purpose was to meet the women who produce the beautiful Bolga African basketry. The tale of their adventure is remarkable, as is the need of the villagers throughout Bolgatanga. To sustain their village, the women of Gungabisi must daily carry untreated river water for miles. No other source of water currently exists, so villagers have a dire need of a well for clean water.

The Rotary Club of Gold Beach has structured an International Service Project to fund the development of wells in Bolgatanga. Our goal to build one or more clean water wells for the village of Gungabisi in the fall of 2008 was accomplished. The cost of one well was 3,500.00 Ghanaian Cedis (about US $3,500.00). Development of a well at that time took approximately two months.

And, that was just the beginning. In November 2008, the Kalhagens returned to Gungabisi, where Tony and Terri-Lynn filmed the completion and dedication of the village well for Rotary International.

The project has grown and more wells have been identified in other villages (4-6), a school and a medical clinic have been added to the project – now deemed the “Ripple Effect”.  The scope of the project has increased along with the budget.  The Gold Beach Rotary Club has agreed to help raise funds in the amount of $25,000 to make this dream a reality.  Join with us…ask us how YOU can participate.

Just A Drop / Ripple Effect Gold Beach Rotary ClubIn spring of 2011, a second Rotary fresh water well was developed in the village of Bon Gurugo Asaloko  This well was actually drilled using borehole mechanical equipment as opposed to the first well in Bolgatanga which was hand dug.  A third well is slated for completion in late 2011 – to be dedicated during the Kalhagen’s next visit to Ghana in November 2011.  They will be taking additional photos and video of the wells.  10 other travelers will be ‘touring’ with the Kalhagens for a great adventure!

We’re pleased that the Kalhagens have chosen the Gold Beach Rotary Club to partner with in their clean water efforts.

Stay tuned