Rotary Global History (RGHF)

Written and compiled by Rotarians to preserve the history, values, and philosophies of the Rotary movement, the Rotary Global History website is seeking to serve Rotarians, present and future, by preserving the Global History of Rotary.

Much of the historical knowledge which has been accumulated about the Rotary club is compiled under the heading of one website  Here you will find monthly newsletters published for Rotary leadership providing insights into the future – by looking at the past.

Under the umbrella of this site, you’ll find links to many more sites:

  • An index to the History of Rotary  –
  • Rotary’s Global History –
  • District History collected from districts around the world –
  • Histories of Rotary Clubs –
  • For an overview of the historical information available –
  • Some of the most valuable material in Rotary history can be found atuot;”>
  • To find a completed list of article, books, speeches, and artifacts of Rotary International Founder Paul Harris –
  • Study the history of Peace in the Rotary Movement
  • For more information about The Rotary Foundation (TRF) –
  • “…history is not merely a vague and distant subject that should be left to a few absentminded professors who live obscure lives in the bowels of our libraries. On the contrary, it is the most vital and necessary study to which a citizen who means well by his fellowmen and the community at large can ever hope to devote himself.”  Hendrik Willem van Loon.  Read more
  • Find histories, biographies, memories, writings and memorials for each president of Rotary International
  • A history of Rotary Conventions held since 1910 –
  • Become a part of preserving Rotary’s history. “The best investment you will ever ma ke in Rotary, is to join RGHF and participate in preserving Rotary Global History. This will encourage and support all the good that Rotarians do.” Jack Selway, RGHF Founder  –

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