How to Propose a New Member

Proposing new members is essential to achieving Rotary’s goals of providing community and International service.  As a Rotarian, one of your primary responsibilities is to help identify and propose new members.

Gold Beach Rotary Member ProposalContribute to the Rotary Club of Gold Beach by bringing in community leaders who are interested in and committed to advancing the mission of Rotary.  You’ll be strengthening your club and ensuring its growth and longevity.  Do it today!

Attracting Prospective Members
Consider these approaches for attracting prospective members:

  • Hand out Rotary Brochures (available from your Membership Committee)
  • Encourage prospective members to tour the this website and the Rotary International website
  • Invite prospective members to a club activity or a service project and a luncheon or two

Identifying Qualified Candidates
Qualified candidates for Rotary membership are adults of good character and professional reputation, who held or have held a position with discretionary authority in any business or profession.

Types of Membership
There are two types of Rotary club membership, active and honorary:

  • Active members must meet the above qualifications as well as live or work within the club’s locality or surrounding area.
  • Honorary members have distinguished themselves by meritorious service in the furtherance of Rotary ideals and are considered friends of Rotary for their permanent support of Rotary’s cause.

Proposing a New Member
Once it becomes clear that the prospective member is interested in membership:

  • Complete Part A of the Rotary Membership Form and return the form to your club secretary, treasurer, or membership committee member for submission to the board of directors. Remember, don’t inform a prospective member of the proposal until after the board approves it.
  • Wait for the club secretary to notify you of the board’s decision, which should come within 30 days of the submission.

After the board approves the candidate

  • Arrange an information session for the proposed member – a Membership Committee member can help you with this
  • Ask the proposed member to complete and sign Part B of the Rotary Membership Form
  • The proposed member’s name and classification will be published in the weekly bulletin for two weeks running.  Club members may consider and file objections, if any within those 14 days.
  • If no objections are received, the proposed member must pay the admission fee and becomes a Rotarian!!  Welcome your new member!

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