Board Minutes 04/01/20

Present (by Zoom conferencing): Sandra, Jeremy, Bryan, Mary, Becky, Tim and Denise

Membership: Club member Carl King suggested that a time frame be used for sending dues notices out. The board voted to email invoices by April 15, with a notice of the new time limits for payment. Dues will be due May 1 with a month long grace period. If by May 31 dues are not paid, the member will be given 2 weeks then terminated.

In response to Marna’s suggestion that children be asked to write essays, with garden equipment as a prize, Tim said it is too much to ask teachers (and small children) as they are having a hard time as it is.

High on Health has been postponed until Sept. 5 to coincide with the Kentucky Derby. The jet boat races are put off until 2021. The Party in the Park committee has a conference set up for the end of April but Bryan is doubtful the event will take place. Jeremy is leaving Bike the Rogue on the calendar but Bryan will hold any entry fee checks until we know what will happen. Becky suggested the event stay local.


  • Wally’s House has not returned paperwork (agreement) for the grant we approved.
  • David Barnes has not responded to Becky’s offers to set up a tax ID for Kids Don’t Float. Carl King will reach out to him.

Regarding the impact of the coronavirus, Tim said the school children are okay, with over 150 getting meals. He expects the number to climb. The Snack Pack program is coordinating with the school. Scholarship application deadlines have been extended to May 7 but that is flexible. Graduation protocols are being discussed by the districts and there may be input from the state. Curry County Voices offered to film if needed.