Board minutes 10/13/20

Meeting was called to order and minutes approved.

Old Business: Karlie Wright and Jerry Herbage were elected to the board.

New Business: Tim presented his proposed budget for review. Most changes were due to Covid 19 restrictions. There is $52,000 in the budget- $25,000 in a CD and $27,000 in the checking account.

Income from Rotary Steps was changed from $1500 to $500.

Expenses from raffle, guest lunches and tax prep: $0; HoH scholarships to $1000.

The budget will be presented to the club on October 21.

Tim would like to see the club do more Rotary branding with $500 from the District Governor’s Express Grant. Examples are polo/t-shirts or new member packets.

Tim has put together a club event calendar and welcomes suggestions. One was helping with the community garden.

Other new business is an offer to give a grant to the Homeless Coalition which is hoping to buy a house. Bryan and Jerry want to see an in-depth plan for how they deal with zoning issues, mortgage payments, etc. Carl King made it clear that approval is conditional on the Coalition having everything in order and no money would change hands until a purchase and sale agreement is in.

The next board meeting is November 10.