Board Minutes 11/10/20

Present: Bryan, Tim, Denise, Mary and Jerry

Minutes were approved.

Old Business:

The Turkey Trot is scheduled for Nov. 28. Posters are ready and Tara has asked for about 8 people to help. The question was asked about holiday meals at the Fairgrounds. Traditionally, the Club has donated $500 for the Thanksgiving and Christmas meals. Mary checked into it and there has been no information yet as to what the Fairgrounds will do.

New business:

Several suggestions for future club programs were suggested: Tamie Kaufman, Mayor-Elect; Jim Kolen, update on taxes; Gini Williams, hospital update; Michele Fritch, foster families and Jen Stansell, fire updates.

Future meeting venues: Community Center, Soroptimists (Tim will contact Leslie Smith) and OSU.

Several names were put forth as potential club members. Beth Barker Hidalgo and ___ (someone from the fire service).

Bryan mentioned the need for creative fundraising ideas as we are unable to use our traditional events.

The Club received a letter of recognition for our contributions to Polio Plus.

As yet there are no candidates for President-Elect. It was suggested that past presidents offer to share the role as has happened in the past.

The next board meeting is December 8, 2020