Board Minutes 01/14/20

Reported that there were no objections to membership of Morgan Grove or Jon Hawkins so Becky will order their badges. John Rush will sponsor someone from Otis Elevators. Also being considered is Walter __________ from Kids Don’t Float.
Upcoming speakers are Beth Barker Hidalgo who will speak about homelessness in the county and will be presented with a check. Carl King will do a year in review presentation on CCV. Will ask Carl Gerlach to present an update on the ER in Brookings and Tim Harding to speak about the Jet Boasts World Championships.
Meetings for 2020 club events {Bike the Rogue, Jet Boats(2021?), HoH and Party in the Park} are being scheduled.
The next board meetings are scheduled for 2/11, 3/10, 4/14 and 5/12.