Board Minutes 07/14/20

Old Business

High on Health has been cancelled. People who have already donated will be asked whether they want their donations returned or used for health related grants. Tim and the CHF will determine how to split the proceeds.

Bike the Rogue is still on. In lieu of registration fees people will be asked for a donation. Bryan will get the necessary permits.

Approved a donation of $250 to Shelter Box to be matched by the GB Rotary Foundation.

Since the club has not approved a budget, due to lack of a quorum, it was decided to bring to the club a move to amend the bylaws to allow voting electronically.

Voted unanimously not to sponsor the local Boy Scouts.

New Business

Approved the application for sponsorship of the Rogue River Triathlon for $400. It will be used for t-shirts with logos for volunteers.

Approved the District 5110 Grant Proposal of $2000 to refurbish the Kids’ Castle playground.

Tabled the $500 District 5110 Express Grant Proposal.

 A proposal was made to have the club issue a statement urging the community to work together to acknowledge diversity and equitable inclusion in our community. The board feels it is unnecessary and potentially disruptive since the 4 Way Test makes that statement, unless RI makes it official.

The next board meeting is August 11.