Board Minutes 10/08/19

Treasurer’s report was given on members who have not paid.

Speakers for the rest of the year were listed. Jeremy suggested we ask Julie Wilson to speak on her art and Tim Scullen to update us on the progress of the plank building.

Bryan would like to step down as chair of Bike the Rogue. He will continue to get the permits as he knows the people and procedures. Meetings should start in November as it takes about 6 months to get the permitting in order.

Sandra brought up High on Health: she would like to see separate baskets for restaurant gift certificates, i.e., one for breakfast, one for dinner. She would like to see “experiences” offered for the live auction.

Laurie Van Zant has asked for Rotary help in planting a tree on the triangle.

A potluck social will be held at the Otter/Gerlach residence on October 26.

Amber Hughes will continue to administer the website.

The board voted unanimously to give $2500.00 to Gold Beach High School for wrestling mats.

A road cleanup is scheduled for the 20th.