Board Minutes 3/25/21

Sandra Otter from the Sonoma club has asked us to contribute to their international project, clean water in Nepal. The board supports contributing $500 to $1000 with matching funds from the GB Rotary Foundation. Someone from Sonoma will present the information to the club in April.

Jerry Herbage has tentatively agreed to come on as president for 2022-2023 as he may be retired by then. Tim will continue to be on record as president for the next year.

Bryan is getting applications for Bike the Rogue and is concerned about a lack of club participation. The board feels that with summer coming and the ability to meet outside, members will return. Mary suggested that other organizations like SAR might like to help.

Scholarship applications are due. The committee is Karlie, Mary and Jeremy. There are more applicants this year but that shouldn’t be a problem as the club has spent very little of its budget.