Board minutes 2/10/21

Minutes were approved.

Old Business

January outdoor cleanup will be rescheduled in March.

As of this date the outdoor playground, Kids’ Castle, is still not open so the club can refurbish at a time that is good for us.

Our next club meeting will be at Buffington Park, weather permitting.

New Business

The BoC (Court Boice) has declared 2021 to be the Year of the Veterans. Dave Bassett reported another club is making a banner to honor veterans and proposed the club help fund a banner for Curry County. Bryan reminded us that ODOT would not allow it on state land and certainly not for a year. It was suggested that Main Street is a better fit. Bryan and Denise felt that funds should be spent on helping the needier residents.

The physics teacher at GBHS has invited community leaders and interested adults to help judge (similar to Shark Tank) a class project. It is a 2 part project ( a rocket delivery system) looking for “investors”. Tim will send out information on both the veterans’ banner project and the physics project.

Scholarship applications from seniors are due March 19. Because the club has been unable to do any fundraising there isn’t as much money as we have had in the past. The committee, along with Tim and Jeremy, have updated the application. There has been discussion around whether to eliminate requiring the GPA but continue with the resume. The board will discuss the distribution of scholarship money at the March meeting.

Tim reported positive feedback for the club social, a Zoom happy hour.

The next board meeting is March 10 at 6pm.