Board Minutes 4/28/21

Present were Jeremy, Jerry, Mary, Tim, Karlie, Bryan, and Denise

Minutes were accepted.

Old Business

The Kids’ Kastle club project is scheduled for May 22. Because the city will supply the stain

the club can buy a swing set with $4000 from the District matching grant. Parents have asked that a gate be installed as the entrance (ungated) is on the creek side of the playground.

Becky has expressed concern about staying on the board because of family/work issues. The board agrees to do whatever works best for her.

New Business

Bike the Rogue is scheduled for September 11. (Karlie informed us that the Relay Race is scheduled for the next weekend but it should not cause any conflict.) The 100km route is eliminated so we only need 10 to 12 volunteers. Gold Beach has given permission to use the pavilion. Bryan reports that he is having a hard time getting permits from the Forestry Service.

Jackie Antunes has asked the club to help paint the interior and exterior of Wally’s House. Gold Beach Lumber is supplying the paint. This will be another club community project.

As the mandates ease from the pandemic, the club needs to pick a meeting venue. Two suggestions are the Landing North and Sunset Pizza. Mary suggested an email go out to members to determine how many people will come back to indoor meetings.

The next board meeting is May 26.