Board Minutes 5/26/21

Old Business

Because it is difficult for Hazel Rush to attend meetings, the board decided to consider adding someone else. Nominees are Tara Simonson, Jordan White, Mitch Kuljis and Leonard Phillips.

Denise will email membership regarding 2021-2022 dues which are $175.

Community service projects: $4,000 district grant to be used to buy swings for the playground; painting Wally’s House; refurbishing the bus shelter on Nesika Rd; grant request from the Community Center for roof and gutter replacement. The Center needs $65-80,000. The board voted to deny, putting it on hold with the proviso they can apply again later, as our resources are limited.

Tim Wilson agreed to be the nominal president for the upcoming year. Mary suggested that past presidents agree to take a month each and a schedule was put in place: Bryan-August, Jeremy-September/October, Mary-November/December, Bryan-January, Karlie-February/March, Jerry-May, Sandra-April, John -July.