Board Minutes 4/26/17

Minutes were approved.
Treasurer’s report: Becky was absent, but Jeremy reported that he reconciled the check book with the FY 2016-2017 budget. A budget committee was formed with Marna, Becky, Jeremy and Bryan.
Voted to bring a $250 donation to Wild Rogue Youth to the membership for a vote and to continue to look into district grants.
The Cinco de Mayo social at the senior center is set. Marna, Denise and Becky will come early to decorate and Bryan will put together the music. There will be a 50/50 raffle and a piñata for the children.
Membership: Marna will call all the members to see if they are remaining in the club for the next year. She would like to have invitation cards printed to give to guests/potential new members. We reviewed and agreed that club members pay for their guests’ lunch and the club pays for speakers. She will talk to the Senior center about charging $5 for a guest lunch.
Restricted funds: the club needs to determine what to do with restricted funds as they are not being used.
5th Wednesday: We will not have a lunch meeting on May 31st. The potluck social will be held at the park at 5pm. There will be a tour of the Frisbee golf trail.
Unplugged: This event will center on emergency preparedness and, hopefully, be sponsored by all three clubs. Will ask the various organizations (emergency management, fire and water districts, etc.) to have booths.
Scholarships: Mary passed out the students’ application to the committee to review before the interviews.