Board Minutes 10/04/17

Present were Marna, Mary, Becky, Bryan, Jeremy and Denise
July minutes read by Mary Stansell.
Treasurer’s report: Becky listed the checks written since June 1; balance is $52,861.93.
Old Business:
Will ask Jesse and Walt to look into trail plaques. Bryan is looking into the cost of having them made.
Volunteer t-shirts if made locally will cost between $6 and $10. Dave Bassett said there is no prohibition on using RI logos on locally made shirts as long they are for volunteers.
Once again clarified that the club pays for the speaker and one guest.
Cash register was donated to the hospital auxiliary. All approved.
There is no action being taken as far as club speaking on the radio station.
Much discussion again about speaker and politics. Our constitution speaks to that directly as voted by the membership.
New business:
The new DG is unable to meet each of our clubs so Marna, Jeremy and Bryan will meet her for breakfast in Port Orford when she visits. Marna will bring her a cowbell!
The Community Bazaar will be held Nov. 17-18th from 3-7 and 9-3. The club will donate a Go-Pack to the raffle.
Saturday, Dec.9 is the holiday party/bottle auction. It will be held at Marna’s house and is pot luck.
Unanimous vote to pay $230 for the dumpster used at the fairgrounds during the fire.
Unanimously approved spending $90 to feed volunteers at the Emergency Preparedness event. Bryan and Denise will look for RI brochures we may have saved.
Meeting adjourned.