Annual Meeting 12/30/2015

The recently revised (and required) Rotary club “constitution” states that there shall be a club assembly or meeting no later than December 31 to elect the officers and board members to take office the following July 1st.
The current board nominated a slate of officers and board members. It was published in the club bulletin last week. Those nominations were: Carl King, president, Bryan Grummon, past president; Becky Atherton, treasurer; Denise King, secretary; Board members: Mary Stansell, Gloria Eide, Jeremy Skinner, Marna Williams, and Jerry Herbage.
It was moved and seconded that the nominations be closed. Club voted unanimously in favor.
It was moved and seconded that those nominated be elected by acclamation. Club voted unanimously in favor.
There was no further business to come before the meeting which was then adjourned.

Denise King