Board Minutes 12/9/2015

Present were Mary, Gloria, Bryan, Jeremy, Becky, Carl, Marna and Denise First order of business was a discussion as to how new member proposals are handled.
Carl King was voted unanimously to be on the board. He brought up for discussion RI rules for board elections and the timing of elections. He also talked about getting a matching grant for the club, The application needs to be submitted by June 30, 2016.
It was decided that the 12.30.15 club meeting will be a short business meeting to elect the nominated board slate and to put forth the budget for the club members.
Marna suggested we have the 12.23 meeting at Docia Sweet for an informal lunch and to help decorate for the FoF annual Christmas dinner. Unanimously agreed.
Gina Jorgensen agreed to be on the tri-club Cape Blanco committee.
Gloria Eide will be acting president from January through March of 2016.