Board Minutes 1/14/2016

Present were Gloria Eide, Mary Stansell, Jeremy Skinner, Denise King, Carl King, Becky Atherton and Jerry Herbage.

Treasurer’s report: Becky reported a $10 discrepancy in the basketball program’s deposit. It was determined they should have deposit slips and go through the tellers.  Setting up a separate account was discussed.

The Christmas party bottle auction brought in $840.

Carl brought up the fact that the club has enough Paul Harris points to give pins to a number of members.

The board unanimously voted to give $250 to Jim Johnson for his homeless program.

Much discussion again on food service from the Friends of the Fairgrounds. Unanimous vote in favor of having lunch the 1st Wednesday of each month at Mangia Buff, for a trial period of 3 months.

Discussed having a club social instead of a meeting on every 5th Wednesday, starting March 30. June 29th will be a transition social for the incoming board.

Carl reminded the board that we have committed to helping the Riley Creek school and the Lobster Creek campground and need to have grant applications in by June.