Board Minutes 08/15/18

Treasurer’s Report
$64,351.48 in the account, including scholarships. HOH has $26,000 (and change) and the general fund, 23,595. 4 or 5 members still have not paid dues. Becky reminded the board that we discussed putting some money into CD’s but never finalized the decision.
New Business
Sandra Otter, Tim Johnson and Lorraine Rossiter need their badges.
Bryan announced he has the certificate of insurance for Bike the Rogue There are 40 preregistered riders. Arch Rock Brewery and ______ Pizza from Agness will provide food for riders.
Marna reported there will be 7-8 tables and a number of speakers at the Emergency Prep Exhibit on October 6 at the library.         Bryan is in charge of getting the announcement to the Reporter and will have a PSA on the radio.
Hazel and John Rush have offered to host a Social in September.
The holiday party will be either 12/1 or 12/8.
CCV may need long term funding, which is too hard for the club to commit. Dave Johnston brought up the uncertain future of CCV due to Huttl’s unwillingness to allow the channel to put on any programming other than educational or governmental. CCV will have a table at the emergency prep exhibit.
Next board meeting is 9/11/18 at the library.