Board Minutes 3/29/17

Present were Bryan, Mary, Marna, Jeremy, Gloria, Becky and Denise. Carl was there to present information to the board.
Minutes from February were approved.
Carl reported that according to Curry County 4H (Georgia Nolan) there are STEM programs running in Port Orford, Brookings and Gold Beach schools. 4H underestimated the number of students involved and ran short of funds. They asked each Rotary club for $333. The board will go to the members to ask for $334.
Jeremy and Carl spoke to the issue of the Public Education channels. $12, 000 is available from Charter for equipment. Programming and training are not included. Bryan offered to seek money from the WorkForce and we will set aside $2000 from the general fund and look for a matching grant. It was also decided that we need to do more research into who will help and how to make this work.
Bryan has personally funded Girls Who Code and there was a unanimous vote to reimburse him $350 from the Rotary Foundation of Gold Beach.
Mary asked for a Scholarship committee. Denise, Mary, Jeremy and Bryan signed on.
Jeremy and Marna brought up the new memberships available to Rotarians: family and corporate and suggested dues be increased to $175. Unanimous vote to bring to the membership.
Cinco de Mayo: Marna is providing fish and the Senior Center will provide the pork. There will be games and music. time is 5:30 to 8:30 and charge is $15 per adult.
Marna announced that since Carolyn Cronberger is away that we ask our members if anyone is willing to help at the food bank.
Voted (with Marna abstaining) to donate $500 to help defray medical costs to a Rotarian who is a very active, giving member.
We have 2 spaces reserved for RYLA.