Business Meeting 3/2/2016

The first monthly business meeting was held at Mangia Buff. A quorum was present (18 members). PE Carl King presented.

The RI club constitution was discussed. It was moved, seconded and with a unanimous vote, was approved as presented.

Proposed by-laws were discussed. All articles not held were voted and approved by the club. Article 5 sec.3 on politics was held as was Article 12, the method of electing members.

March 16, 2016 business meeting to further discuss the tabled articles.  A quorum was present and #12 was approved with a 2/3 vote.  Art.5sec3 was discussed and failed the vote as it is already addressed in the constitution. Art.10, dealing with the Oregon Community Foundation was readdressed  and voted down by a 2/3 vote.