Board Minutes 1/17/22

Financial Report:  According to Bryan, the total funds are $56,562.62 which includes the CD, $2100 in reserve and the checking account. The Board voted unanimously to move the Redisky, Van Leer and raffle funds into the general fund.

District Grants: We have a $2000 grant which was supposed to be used to provide hot spots for distance learning. Jeremy stated that it needs to be closed out, which means either giving half back to Rotary or amending the grant, if possible, to use it for other educational needs. Becky will contact the high school to see if we can get receipts for work it did. Mary will contact Riley Creek to see if the funds can be used there.

Membership:  Three members have not paid dues yet. Scholarship Planning:  Michele Fritch has asked for updated student applications. The applications will now have a time element attached. Three scholarships ($2500 each) were approved: two medical and one general.

High on Health:  Mary asked for help with the planning. It is scheduled for May 7 at the fairgrounds, depending on the Covid situation. The theme is Kentucky Derby.

Bike the Rogue:  We plan on having the event again. Bryan will coordinate the permitting and Jeremy will head it up.  Carl King suggested we contact Dave Lacey to see if we can coordinate the road ride with a trail ride. Tara will be asked for input as she does both.

Community Grant Requests: Kelly Timchak had submitted a request for $5000 for an educational component of the Watersheds  Alliance. The Gold Beach Rotary Foundation gave $2500 and the club will be asked to okay $2500.

Lunch Meetings: Most people want in-person meetings but we will monitor the virus situation.

Club Leadership:  Jerry Herbage, president-elect, needs to plan his slate.