Board Minutes 9/28/2016

Present were Marna Williams, Becky Atherton, Gloria Eide, Mary Stansell, Carl King and Denise King.

Becky proposed Brent Lawrence for membership. Unanimous vote to approve. Denise will send letter to club members.

Voted to send a letter to David Allen requesting he pay dues or resign from the club.

District Governor is coming to Gold Beach on October 4 and we will have a social hour and dinner at Rod ‘n Reel. He will attend the club meeting Wednesday the 5th.

Tara Simonson has agreed to take on the dictionary program.

Carl proposed taking Becky and Denise off as signatories on the Rogue Credit Union account. Gloria and Mary agreed to be co-signers. 5 in favor, one nay.

Discussed placement of the new benches which are being made by high school students. Several businesses do not want them as transients tend to use them.  City hall will take a replacement.

Since Mangia Buff is closing, we discussed alternate meeting places. Agreed to try several between November and December. The first 2 weeks in November will be at the Fairgrounds. Marna will speak to Ron about it.

Treasurer’s report: $53,000 in checking account. Discussed restricted funds and the need to use them now as opposed to having them sit in the bank.

Gloria proposed giving money to the food bank.  Agreed and will bring to the membership for a vote.

The scholarship committee and the board agreed to give Jake Buffington $1000 toward his degree in health care. He is the first recipient of the new scholarship which is available to people who have completed at least one year of post-secondary school education in health care.