Board minutes 05/14/19

Present were Jeremy Skinner, Mary Stansell, Marna Williams, Bryan Grummon, Carly Kruse, Sandra Otter, and Denise King

Sandra reported that 195 tickets were sold for Moonlight over Mexico. Total profit was $40,000, $21G coming from sponsors, split in half with the CHF.

Sandra produced her preliminary budget and separate line items were discussed, including donations to the RC school.

Bryan reported that 16 kiosks were lined up for Party in the Park, three more than last year. We will have to spread out to the tennis courts. Prices were settled on $8 per adult, $4 per child.  Mary suggested that club members who don’t participate be asked to donate $20 for “scholarships” for foster children.

Sandra brought up the idea of a Rotary Club magazine, which other clubs produce. As incoming president, Sandra introduced the idea of moving the lunch meetings to the Soroptimists building. It would cost us $80 a month but allow us to make our own lunches.

The first Wednesday in June is the annual business meeting, where Sandra will present her final budget.

GB Main Street asked for $2400 to finish the triangle irrigation project. Unanimous no vote.

Judy Lopez (Brookings club) would like to start a joint club program building fitness trails. Open for further discussion