Board meeting 12/20/16

Present were Jeremy, Mary, Bryan, Marna, Becky and Denise

Treasurer’s report:  We made $1510.00 from the holiday party bottle auction.  We have $44,608.91 in the general account. Voted to give Jim Van Camp $100 (reimbursement for travel expenses re food bank pick up. Still have to cut a check for $1000.00 to the food bank.

Unanimous vote to ask the club to confirm lunches at the senior center.

Marna is president-elect. Bryan will act as “head” president through the remainder of the year.

Allan Terrett had suggested that holiday party funds go to the Snack Pack program or needy children.  The money will stay in the general fund for now.

Unanimous vote to hold $4400. 00 for basketball program. Karlie will invoice us when she needs to buy items.

Slate of officers to present to club: Marna, PE; Jeremy, PPE; Becky, treasurer; Denise, secretary. At large: Mary, Gloria, Tara?, Ron?

Next board meeting 1/25/17 at Indian Creek