High on Health Annual Benefit Fundraiser

High on Health FundraiserThe Curry Health Foundation is dedicated to supporting health care in Curry County.  Many of the health services that you receive in Curry County have been made possible by help from the Curry Health Foundation. Here are just a few of the results of the Foundation’s grant program, that have assisted in making better health care possible throughout Curry County:

  • BioZ Diagnostic Equipment
  • Cardiac Rehab Program
  • Time-out Respite Program in Brookings
  • Cancer Screening and Education
  • Child Abuse Program
  • Numerous High-Tech Equipment Donations to Curry General Hospital
  • Exam Equipment for Curry Family Medical, Port Orford

Each year, the Curry Health Foundation and the Rotary Club of Gold Beach work together to assemble a fundraising benefit dinner – High on Health. In 2012, we’re pleased to have hosted the “Tony Lou” Awards Dinner with live entertainment in the form of a play put on by the Ellensburg Theatre Company, live & silent auctions and a calendar raffle.  Proceeds from the event were used for health related needs in the area.  For a full report and photographs, see the Curry Health Foundation.

In 2011 we welcomed you aboard the USS High onHealth Ship for entertainment, great food, and silent and live auctions!  Proceeds from the silent and live auctions were used toward the purchase of two BioZ Diagnostic Systems for use in the Emergency Room and Primary Care Clinics. The device provides a new technology for the Curry health Network, which allows physicians to better track and evaluate cardiovascular health and to monitor the effectiveness of heart failure therapy, hypertension control,

differential diagnosis of dyspnea (shortness of breath) and optimization of pacemakers.

In 2010, the dinner’s theme was an “Evening at the Golden Globes”.  Funds were matched by the Oregon Community Foundation to fund the ‘Ready to Smile’ program.  Over $21,000 were raised and after the match, we were able to suplement the Ready to Smile budget with over $43,000!!!!

In 2009, the dinner’s theme was the Roaring Twenties and the funds were dedicated to a piece of medical specialty equipment.

The arrival of Dr. John Wright, Curry General’s orthopaedic surgeon, triggered a significant investment of the Health District’s funds, just over $200,000 in equipment specially designed for the surgeon’s use.

Orthopaedic surgery is all about bones and joints; the framework of the body. There are special drills, nails, and screws all intended to hold bones together while the fracture heals itself. There are artificial joints that replace worn or damaged knees, elbows and hips. There are special scopes that allow Wright to work in and around joints without making major incisions.

In addition to the tools and implants, the District has acquired a specialized surgical table that was the object of the 2009 Curry Health Foundation / Rotary High on Health Fund Raiser. The table, called a Fracture Table, allows the surgeon to have 360 degrees of work space around the patient’s leg, arm or hip, and allows Wright to position the limb or joint in a precise way to facilitate the repair being made. Apart from its heavy steel base the table is made of space-age carbon fiber composites that supports the patient’s weight but are invisible to the X-Rays used by Wright to see into the body, bone or joint.

The Foundation and Rotary chose to support the Hospital’s Bone and Joint program and selected the Fracture Table to be the focus of the annual High on Health Banquet. The 2009 theme was the “Roaring 20’s” replete with Flappers, Charleston contest, live music and the traditional auction fundraiser. The event was fully pre-sold, and raised nearly $20,000 to offset the cost of the $39,500 fracture table.

Curry General Hospital’s Orthopaedic program allows patients to receive state of the art care close to home.