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Board Minutes 4/26/17

Minutes were approved.
Treasurer’s report: Becky was absent, but Jeremy reported that he reconciled the check book with the FY 2016-2017 budget. A budget committee was formed with Marna, Becky, Jeremy and Bryan.
Voted to bring a $250 donation to Wild Rogue Youth to the membership for a vote and to continue to look into district grants.
The Cinco de Mayo social at the senior center is set. Marna, Denise and Becky will come early to decorate and Bryan will put together the music. There will be a 50/50 raffle and a piñata for the children.
Membership: Marna will call all the members to see if they are remaining in the club for the next year. She would like to have invitation cards printed to give to guests/potential new members. We reviewed and agreed that club members pay for their guests’ lunch and the club pays for speakers. She will talk to the Senior center about charging $5 for a guest lunch.
Restricted funds: the club needs to determine what to do with restricted funds as they are not being used.
5th Wednesday: We will not have a lunch meeting on May 31st. The potluck social will be held at the park at 5pm. There will be a tour of the Frisbee golf trail.
Unplugged: This event will center on emergency preparedness and, hopefully, be sponsored by all three clubs. Will ask the various organizations (emergency management, fire and water districts, etc.) to have booths.
Scholarships: Mary passed out the students’ application to the committee to review before the interviews.

Business Meeting 4/5/17

The meeting opened with Becky giving Nancy Giovanetti her Rotary pin.
The Cinco de Mayo fundraiser will have 10 tables of 8. Tickets are $15 per adult, children under 12 are free. Tara is in charge of children’s games. Table sponsors are responsible for bringing alcohol for their tables.

Marna passed around a sign up sheet for greeters.
Dale came on the membership committee. The club discussed how to bring in younger members and possible guest speakers like the port manager and more hospital staff.
The membership unanimously voted for the increase in dues: $175 per individual and $250 per family and businesses.
As president this year, Marna’s theme is emergency preparedness. We will ask Brookings and Port Orford to join in an event in the fall where we will bring totes to fill with emergency aids, such as fire starters and water purifiers. We also will take advantage of our resources: SAR, Coos Curry Electric, Don Kendall (emergency management). She suggested Rotary might sell “I Can Help” t-shirts.
For people unclear on the concept, Mary and Bryan explained the raffle.
Dale spoke of the difference between the Gold Beach Rotary foundation and the Gold Beach Community Fund. Examples of future grants are water fountains and bottle fillers for Riley Creek middle school and materials for painting the lockers at the high school. Main Streets (beautification program) has asked for help to build a new fence at the Riley Creek garden.
The voted unanimously to reimburse Bryan $350 for out of pocket expenses.
The next board meeting is 4/26.

Board Minutes 3/29/17

Present were Bryan, Mary, Marna, Jeremy, Gloria, Becky and Denise. Carl was there to present information to the board.
Minutes from February were approved.
Carl reported that according to Curry County 4H (Georgia Nolan) there are STEM programs running in Port Orford, Brookings and Gold Beach schools. 4H underestimated the number of students involved and ran short of funds. They asked each Rotary club for $333. The board will go to the members to ask for $334.
Jeremy and Carl spoke to the issue of the Public Education channels. $12, 000 is available from Charter for equipment. Programming and training are not included. Bryan offered to seek money from the WorkForce and we will set aside $2000 from the general fund and look for a matching grant. It was also decided that we need to do more research into who will help and how to make this work.
Bryan has personally funded Girls Who Code and there was a unanimous vote to reimburse him $350 from the Rotary Foundation of Gold Beach.
Mary asked for a Scholarship committee. Denise, Mary, Jeremy and Bryan signed on.
Jeremy and Marna brought up the new memberships available to Rotarians: family and corporate and suggested dues be increased to $175. Unanimous vote to bring to the membership.
Cinco de Mayo: Marna is providing fish and the Senior Center will provide the pork. There will be games and music. time is 5:30 to 8:30 and charge is $15 per adult.
Marna announced that since Carolyn Cronberger is away that we ask our members if anyone is willing to help at the food bank.
Voted (with Marna abstaining) to donate $500 to help defray medical costs to a Rotarian who is a very active, giving member.
We have 2 spaces reserved for RYLA.

Board Minutes 2/22/17

Topics for discussion were:
Party in the Park will be held on July 18 with a Lego theme. We will collect Legos to hand out to the children as they go through the various activities. Discussed whether to give a grand prize (winner must be present to win) or to earmark the proceeds for something else.
There was a question as to where the snack pack money has gone and who is in charge of it. We did get a thank you note from Maureen Boyle for our $1000 donation.
From Marna: Should we have the officers listed on the front page of our newsletter? Would like to assign a weekly greeter who will also give the thought for the day.
Roy has had several students interested in RYLA. We will send 2 to RYLA and Becky will send the check to the district.
Discussed the basketball fundraiser and decide to table it. Much doubt as to whether we can afford to do it.
Our next fundraiser will be on Cinco de Mayo with fish tacos and games for the children. It will be held in both rooms at the Senior Center, public invited.

Board Meeting 1/25/17

Greg, Bryan, Marna, Jeremy, Becky, Gloria, Denise

High on Health is 4/22. The color theme is blue and silver and the entertainment is a magician/hypnotist. Gloria reported that someone complained to her that HOH dollars were being spent on other things. The HOH mission statement from several years ago states all money goes to health and family related services. Marna asked what are the parameters of giving.

Bryan again stressed the need for volunteers for HOH.

CHF has asked that we contribute all or some of our share to them. Rotary views itself as necessary to helping smaller community needs and the vote was unanimous not to give any money to CHF.

Jeremy talked about Girls Who Code, a job prep/training program for young women 16-24. Bryan is liaison. Also discussed Southern Oregon Work Investment Board . Due to the stigma attached to unemployment and job training, library staff is being trained to do work training.

Discussion about public access tv: probably don’t want to televise our meetings or commit to hosting a program. But what about the possibility of funding a program where high school students can learn how/ run the AV programming.

Board meeting 12/20/16

Present were Jeremy, Mary, Bryan, Marna, Becky and Denise

Treasurer’s report:  We made $1510.00 from the holiday party bottle auction.  We have $44,608.91 in the general account. Voted to give Jim Van Camp $100 (reimbursement for travel expenses re food bank pick up. Still have to cut a check for $1000.00 to the food bank.

Unanimous vote to ask the club to confirm lunches at the senior center.

Marna is president-elect. Bryan will act as “head” president through the remainder of the year.

Allan Terrett had suggested that holiday party funds go to the Snack Pack program or needy children.  The money will stay in the general fund for now.

Unanimous vote to hold $4400. 00 for basketball program. Karlie will invoice us when she needs to buy items.

Slate of officers to present to club: Marna, PE; Jeremy, PPE; Becky, treasurer; Denise, secretary. At large: Mary, Gloria, Tara?, Ron?

Next board meeting 1/25/17 at Indian Creek

Board Meeting 10/27/16

Present were Denise, Becky, Mary, Bryan and Jeremy.

Discussed having a link to the food bank on our web site or through a non-profit site. Decided not to have links to any other organization on our website.

Bryan will meet with Roseann for initial High on Health meeting. Would like two other Rotarians to join him.

Becky will talk to Rod’n Reel about possible dates for the Christmas party.

Board voted to ask Marna to come back.

Jeremy and Marna are willing to take the PETS course. Neither is able to be President fully so will work with each other.

Board voted to give Tiffany $1000 to help with medical expenses.

We agreed to be involved with Relay for Life next year and to ask the Agness FD to make breakfast.

Business Lunch Meeting 10/5/16

We received a thank you note from Jacob Carpenter, a scholarship recipient.

We received a $2000 grant from the District for next year’s STEAM program. We could have up to 90 children participate.

The membership voted to amend our budget to add $1000 for the food programs in the city. A committee will be formed to decide on dispersal of the funds.

Business Lunch Meeting 8/03/16

Carl reported the STEAM program was a huge success.  In a 2 day program, 20 children worked with Lego robotics kits.

Becky reported 4 members still have not paid dues.

Bryan reported Bike the Rogue has 16 people signed up so far and Mary gave a check to Karlie and Tara for Rotary to sponsor their team.

the membership voted to give $250 in memory of Bob Reed.

Dale reported that we give $2500 to Ready to Smile.

Once again we discussed giving more money to food banks, soup kitchens and other free meals programs.

We are discussing new fund raising events since we no longer do the Salmon Derby. Marna suggested a dog-walk and obstacle course as one venue.

Board Minutes 6/30/16

Present were Carl, Becky, Mary and Denise
Cape Blanco Music Festival will not offer transportation wagons this year so the 3 clubs may not make as much money as last year.
Karlie is offering a “bike rodeo” for children to learn about bike safety. Carl and Bryan will help’
Still no decision as to whether the food shed will go the baseball team.
Carl announced the RCF 501c3 will be filed July 1.
We discussed giving a new scholarship to post-graduates who have at least one year of college and are studying in the health field.
Discussed rebuilding the Rotary benches with cedar or Trex.